Fiddlehead Fourth Fashion

Happy almost 4th everyone! We had out intern, Jill, pick some pieces for you to wear over the 4th weekend.  Click on the darker words to see where the products are from or the numbers at the bottom of the post. They will take you straight to the product’s page so you don’t have to search for it yourself. Let’s start with how cute that straw hat is! Protect your skin and look great doing it. We’ve got you covered for the parade starting in a striped tee, a pair of classic blue jeans, and the floppy hat with sunnies! Go more casual with slingbacks during the day, and dress the look up at night with a block heel and clutch, but ditch the hat. The earrings go with everything, and we’re in LOVE. If you’re going to be at the lake or pool, we found this sleek one-piece suit that you can throw a printed cover-up over. The tote is large enough fit your sunscreen (yes you need it!) and those adorable ping pong paddles for a fun match with friends and family. Complete your 4th look with an easy slip on because we want to get in that water as fast as possible in this humidity. Oh, and don’t forget to stay hydrated! Bring a reusable bottle full of water to help your body and the planet thrive. We hope you like our new Fiddlehead Fashion idea. We always get questions about what we’re wearing, so we think it’s time we start sharing! Let us know which pieces you guys love the most in the comments. Happy Friday:)

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