Dear Fiddlehead – Man vs Mantle

Dear Fiddlehead – Man vs Mantle

Dear Fiddlehead,

What do I do with this mantle before my husband puts the TV on it.

Note, the wall behind the fireplace is angled…it’s an A-frame wall.

-Shelly Gibbs


Hi Shelly!

Men and their TVs!!!!! We have definitely been down this road before. If there is an opening, they will take it.

Well, let’s start with “no.” You should not put a tv on top of this fireplace. It’s hard to tell from your photo, but it would appear that your furniture is not even placed to view a TV from here?

Another thing to avoid would be filling the entire surface with “stuff.”  Bigger is better and less is more really fits here. It would be great to see one beautiful large bowl or something sculptural and interesting in the center of the top that enhances your fireplace instead of distracting from it.  Your fireplace is and should be the focal point. Being that your mantle is at eye level, it’s important to also consider what is on the walls adjacent to it so it’s not competing and is balanced in scale and proportion.

This is a little tricky for us beyond these suggestions without seeing more photos of your overall space. Hopefully this helps and will keep the dreaded TV out of this picture! 


Fiddlehead Design Group

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