Dear Fiddlehead – Grandparent’s Mirror

Dear Fiddlehead – Grandparent’s Mirror

Dear Fiddlehead,

This is an old family piece that was in my grandparent’s house that had a lot of custom woodwork. Taking it out of that context really makes it shine as a stand alone and it brings back such great memories. I would love to use it in a open entryway in my new house but give it an updated farmhouse look. The problem is that is weights A LOT (over 50 lbs) and I am not sure how to hang it and/or how to style it. Here is the mirror and the space. I wanted it in the entryway since that is how I remember it as a child but would be open to using it in another part of the house if you have any suggestions?



Hi Cindy,

What a great piece!  We love helping our clients place pieces that have sentimental value. Being that it weighs so much, no matter how or where it is installed, you should have it professionally done. We rely on our art installers to help us with applications such as this. The mirror looks great leaning and could add interest in many different spaces. It might be fun to not have it in your entry…give it new life!

The mirror could be great at the end of a long hallway or in a master closet if you have the space.

If you do choose to have it in your foyer, why not try layering a chest in front of it with a great lamp.  Even if you choose to have it leaning, it should still be anchored to the wall to prevent an unfortunate accident down the road. Let us know where you decide to put it!


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