Dear Fiddlehead – 5 Fiddlosophy Facts

Dear Fiddlehead – 5 Fiddlosophy Facts

Dear Fiddlehead,

My friend Emily Baynard and I have so many questions about your incredible marketing videos. Tell us everything!

– Michelle Raven


Dear Michelle and Emily,

We’ve been shooting our web series, Fiddlosophy, for a little over a year now! Past seasons started with our intro, “the interior design web series where we’re serious about style and fanatic about function!” Although that motto has remained the same, we cut the longer intro and now jump into interior design topics after our theme song’s “are you ready for this?!”

We have so much fun on production days, but they take a lot of planning and time. We put together “fast facts” on Fiddlosophy to share some of the details behind the camera.

#1 Not scripted 

Many people ask us if these episodes are scripted, and the answer is no! Yes, it takes some serious editing at times, but the rest is all us!

#2 Filmed at Jen’s house

Fiddlosophy episodes are shot in Jen’s living room. We actually move the settee from her dining room table and put it by the fireplace in the other room! Better lighting.

#3 5-6 wardrobe changes

We generally film a season at a time. With 5-6 wardrobe changes in a day, we get back on the settee and shoot a few episodes in each. We know our viewers are smart and can tell we didn’t film each episode individually, but we do like switching up our looks. Just keeping the Instagram grid aesthetic, haha!

#4 Full production 

Shoot days are a full production. With 3-4 cameras and Bullseye Media‘s production crew of 4, we mean business! Lesser known fact, a 25 year old guy edits all of our videos. He’s become quite the design expert! As he says around the Bullseye office, “no one knows those women like I do!”

#5 Mystery guest in May

As you may know if you follow this creative on social media, we are releasing videos with our first. guest. ever! We brought this social media influencer and DIYer to the settee and had so much fun. P.S. We hope you are next!

Hope you enjoy those fast facts! Stay tuned for new episodes Fridays on our Instagram and Facebook, or check out our Fiddlosophy page!


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