When Andrea Dixon and Jen Ziemer met in design school, it was kismet.  “I knew Jen and I were destined to be friends the moment I saw her,” says Andrea.  “We figured out that we’re both perfectionists, we share a love of music and a passion for people, and knew we’d work together perfectly,” says Jen.  “Thirteen years later, it’s still true!”

Andrea Dixon

"Andrea is a great listener and communicator.  She always tells it like it is, which our clients really respect."

- Jen Ziemer

On Collaboration

“Jen and I are share similar core values and beliefs, but we also have our own skill sets and individual tastes that we combine to create amazing design,” says Andrea.  “We’re also great friends, which our clients appreciate as it brings a sense of fun to the overall design process,” she says.  “At the same time, Jen and I aren’t afraid to disagree with each other, which helps create the best design solutions for our clients’ needs."

On Trend

“I love ripe raspberry, dark boysenberry and other berry colors, especially paired with gray or black and white.  I always find traditional men’s suiting fabrics completely yummy, but I love seeing them updated in non-traditional colors and scale.  I also can’t resist a great paisley, casters on furniture, and nail heads on virtually anything!”  See what else is inspiring me right now!

Jen Ziemer

“Jen is incredibly honest, generous and empathetic.  She’s also the princess of patterns and the queen of accessorizing!”

- Andrea Dixon

On Collaboration

“Andrea and I are equally balanced between being madly creative and totally organized,” says Jen.  “Before we begin designing, we always take time to get to know our clients because we really value their experiences and their ideas,” she says.  “From there, we handle every project, large or small, with the same attention to detail.  At every step of the way, we take care of everything so that our clients can relax and enjoy the design process.”

On Trend

“I’m so excited about color—earth tones are making me sleepy!  Right now, I’m really loving pink.  It’s so happy and it looks amazing with black and white.  I'm also crazy about owls and other birds on fabrics and wallpaper. I especially like using Pendelton and Woolrich fabrics at my cabin ---- so comforting to wear and cozy to live with."  See what else I’m loving right now!