Thompson Kitchen

This gem of a home was in need of a major kitchen overhaul.  The original kitchen lacked storage, natural light, and EEK!, had no dishwasher.

We stayed within the existing footprint, enlarged the opening into the dining room to accommodate standard depth cabinetry, added larger windows to the back wall of the kitchen, updated all of the materials and gave this family a dishwasher!

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Design The Way It Should Be Done

Between the myriad of home design catalogs, web sites and stores, good design is everywhere.  But, if you’re like us, good design just isn’t enough.  Yes, it’s tasteful and safe, but good design doesn’t give you goose bumps, make you laugh out loud and want to throw dinner parties with handwritten invitations.  That’s why we’re passionate about creating and celebrating truly great design—distinctive living environments you won’t find anywhere else in your neighborhood, kitchens that invite you to cook, bathrooms that make you feel beautiful, and other extraordinary spaces that allow you to feel perfectly at home.

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As designers, we’re constantly inspired by the world around us.  Everywhere we go, we’re always on the lookout for intriguing color combinations, fascinating textures and fabulous patterns.  Read our blog to see what we’re loving, where we’re shopping, and what we’re obsessing about.